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Acquiring A German Shepherd

Information for Potential Clients:


Mellanie has become a honored member of the AKC Bred with HEART Program. As part of this program, Crosswind Clients can be assured that health, education, accountability, responsibility, and tradition will come with every puppy. Please visit the AKC website for more information.

Crosswinds has been developing an excellent breeding program with an unpresidented dedication to quality. It is evident that Crosswinds dogs are some of the top notch K9s in the Country. You will be hard to find another breeder who is more dedicated and hard working towards their animals.

Most puppies are priced at $750.00, however Crosswinds reserves the right to make changes, so please see current litter information for price updates. Crosswinds Farm is confident that we provide a top quality dog at a very affordable price.

AKC Registration

All Crosswinds dogs are AKC registered with limited registration. The purchase price will include the actual registration. Most breeders provide each puppy with the registration application.

Breeding Rights

Because Crosswinds goal is to produce working family dogs, it is not our goal to produce breeding stock. We are confident that many of our puppies are capable to go on to be excellent producers, and in fact have. If a breeder does want to acquire one of our dogs, or if an individual later decides to breed, we will consider selling full registration/breeding rights for an additional $750.00. 



Our puppies become available when they are 8 weeks old. Because Crosswinds is a small, enthusiast breeder, puppies aren’t always available for placement. Please contact us concerning availability and to check the status of our waiting lists.

Waiting List

Please feel free to get on our waiting list. We call potential clients when puppies are born in order of waiting list placement.


A $250.00 deposit, along with a signed agreement is excepted when puppies are two weeks old. Opportunity for appointments to meet us and the puppies will be made according to order deposits are received, but need to occur before puppies are 8 weeks old if pick of the litter is wanted.

Health Guarantee

All puppies and dogs come with updated vaccinations and de-worming. Crosswinds gives a 14 day health guarantee. All new puppy owners are advised to take their new puppy to their own veterinarian for examination. Should a health issue arise, Crosswinds reserves the right to have the puppy examined at the purchaser’s expense by our vet to confirm any findings. If a health issue is verified, Crosswinds will exchange the puppy. There will not be a refund of money. Should there not be another puppy available; the individual will be placed on the top of the waiting list for another.  Should a puppy die, a veterinarian verification of death will be required before a new puppy will be provided. The health guarantee will only be honored to the original purchaser.

OFA/Hip Guarantee

At this time, Crosswinds dogs are in process of becoming OFA certified, and come from a strong lineage of certifications. However, please look for updates. At this time, we do not offer a Hip Guarantee. In the over 30 years we have raised and placed dogs, we have never had a dog with Hip Dysplasia. Please use the following links to inform yourself on OFA and Hip Dysplasia.

Interview Potential Clients

We enjoy and look forward to communicating and meeting potential clients. Although emails and texts can be very convenient and informative, we prefer phone conversations and personal visits to the farm. We reserve the right to refuse to place puppies with anyone we feel won’t provide them with a safe, loving and enriching home.

Shipping and Delivery

Crosswinds uses American Airlines Cargo for shipping puppies by air. Shipping is approximately $400.00, which includes airline, fuel, required veterinarian inspection and paperwork, and crate and supplies.  All purchase and shipping money is required before reservations are to be made. Crosswinds reserves the right to change shipping charges based on market rates.

We at times make arrangements to deliver or meet clients depending on location, however a farm visit and inspection by our potential clients is preferred.  Please make inquiries.

Micro Chipping/Tattoo

.All Crosswinds dogs come micro chipped and tattooed. It will be the responsibility of the dog owner to update and register the micro chip in their name. 

Facilities & Socialization

Our dogs are family and ranch dogs. We have three breeding males and eight breeding females at this time. Because we breed, we must kennel our dogs at times, but on average they play, work and live with us. We live on a working ranch in a semi remote part of Northwest Kansas. Our dogs interact with livestock, participate in 4-H, and go almost everywhere with us. We have breeding kennels, a puppy play pen, a fenced yard, an otherwise, they are able to have run of the place without wondering off!

Early interaction is imperative for young dogs. Crosswinds is careful to start all our dogs in a manner that instills the principles of human as alpha in pack hierarchy, pack and social confidence, and manners.

New Owner Information

A very extensive packet of information is provided to all our new owners. We include breed, registration, pedigree, health, nutrition, and training information. Should there be questions, concerns, or feedback, we want and look forward to retaining a lasting relationship with all our clients. Crosswinds is dedicated to supporting our clients and dogs in their life commitment.


Crosswinds Vet is Oakley Vet Service, Doctor Kristy.